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We want to get there faster. Do you too? And there are so many ways to get there. But the best way keeps changing. Traffic. Weather. Availability. Pricing. Transfers. So, what’s the fastest way there? Uber or Lyft? Bus or train? Walk or ride? What about combining options? Lyft to train? Car to subway?



It’s a mobile app. Download it. Give it a try. Then delete it. Or don’t. You’re the boss. You enter where you’d like to get to, we collect all the options. Then we see if any combinations are even better. Then we let you pick. That’s it. Take a look at some screen shots.


The rideshare apps tell us how long a pick-up will take and the price. Real time bus locations are provided by the local bus company. Subway times come from the transit agency. Vehicle availability from Zipcar etc. We collect and compare. Time, price and transfers. No big deal. The big deal is to combine them. Don’t walk to the nearest stop. Walk to the best stop. Drive to a better one. Have a cab waiting for you when you get out of the station. That’s the magic. Here’s a link to our algorithm.

We Promise

To always be Transparent

To anonymize your data

To Always have all the Options

Never to influence you

How we make money


Think of us as the Amazon of mobility. There are lots of mobility options, right? So, you use our app to get where you are going. If you choose to ride with, say Lyft, and if we have an agreement with Lyft, then they’ll give us some money. Your fair won’t change. It’s your job to get where you’re going faster. It’s our job to sign deals with Lyft, Uber etc. We’re loyal to you. We will always suggest the best options for YOU. Even if we don’t get paid. See ‘We Promise’ for more info on this. 

About Us

Motti Sigel

Hi. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technion in Israel. I've started 3 businesses. 1 worked. 1 flopped. This is the third. What do you think? I'm trying real hard to make living life easier.

Ilan Friedson

Hi there. I studied Biology and Chemistry at the Technion, in Israel. I'm the Big Data guy. I try to solve the biggest problems out there. Transportation is about as big as it gets.


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